About Us

What Sets Us Apart

As a web design and development agency, we focus on providing positive impact to as many people as possible, not only for our business but also for our clients. We are constantly working on this by incorporating web accessibility to all our projects.

Many digital agencies focus too much on pretty designs and fancy effects but not on accessibility. While their end-products may indeed look dazzling to normal users, they are unfortunately not inclusive and thus alienate 20% of their users who may find it difficult to use the website.

We have made it our social responsibility to help make the world wide web a more inclusive and accessible place by starting on our own website down to our clients' and hopefully inspire other designers and developers to incorporate web accessibility to their own projects as well.

Our Vision

To help create a future when all websites are inclusive and everyone can access and use the information, services, and products available on the Internet regardless of ability.

Our Mission

Helping shape the future of an accessible world wide web by creating one accessible website at a time and inspiring other designers, developers and agencies to do the same.